Production of marine plywood, acoustic panels and more on Falster

VIWA WOOD ApS produces marine plywood of the highest quality. With us, employees work with more than 30 years of experience and expert knowledge, as we know that it is the people who work with the veneer that matter.

Plywood for marine


For us, wood is a valuable and indispensable material, with many good properties, and therefore we make sure that the raw materials are carefully processed for the benefit of our customers. 


The company is run by Thomas Wamberg. Together with the skilled employees, we produce marine plywood and other gluing tasks for the whole of Europe.

Price list and information

On this page you can find our prices of the marine plywood. You are more than welcome to contact us with questions or desired clarification.                                          


If you want to buy veneer for you tasks, it is also possible to buy unjointed veneer or veneer jointed to measure.                                                                                                   

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Quality- always carefully selected products

For us, wood is a valuable and indispensable material with many good properties, and therefore we ensure that the raw materials are processed gently for the benefit of our customers. Our products are produced in accordance with the provisions of the British Standard 1088. It is therefore no coincidence that the majority of Danish- produced boats – and a significant number of Swedish, Norwegian, German and Finnish boats – are fitted with marine plywood produced by us.

Both boat builders and owners are quality conscious people. The fact is clear to us, and the veneer is therefore carefully selected for each individual task. All plates are also produced in accordance with both the technical and visual requirements of the final customer.

If you have any questions or would like further information about our products, you are very welcome to contact us.

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